Based on 161 reviews
Anthony Young (skyfishwalking)
Good practical training. Rachel was great.
Hannah Chan
John has showed so much knowledgeable teaching us saving lives, good review every 3 years and refresh my skill.
Anna Thao
Lovely staff and experience. I went in for a morning session on the 14th of November and Dermot (apologies if I spelt it wrong) was a lovely presenter- very professional in what he does and lightens up the room. Definitely recommend this place :)
Robyn Brady
Excellent instructor, able to engage with all attendees across a variety of work roles. Would recommend First Aid Academy to other workplaces.
Matthew Macri
Great trainers
Harpreet Kaur
I enjoyed my training. Its very informative and helps to update my knowledge.
mignon murphy
The education and opportunities to practice situations were important ways to help me remember the material. I did First Aid, CPR & Remote and Isolated First Aid
merril gillman
Clear training that is easy to follow and delivered in a friendly manner.