Based on 106 reviews.
Jake Parsons
Great trainer running the CPR course
Steven bourner
Learnt more than at other courses. Great instructors
Jandi May
What an amazing day learning first aid from Bradley Davies on Tuesday. He is so engaging and a super star facilitator. If only my school teachers way back in the day were like him. Thanks so much Brad. JRJM
Patcy Baran
Becky was very helpful and Dermot was very informative.
Susan Downes
Was a great day with a trainer who kept the CPR interesting easy to learn and practical so it was. Real to us.
Maki Walker
Very professional. First Aid Academy is the best!
Jonald Alegre
Tiana ( If I spell it right, :) is the best instructor for me. About the training, it was awesome and very helpful as well. They will build ur confidence to do first aid and cpr.
david greenwood
A very entertaining day with heaps of good information. Cheers Nick.
Jacynta Hunt
Professional and experienced staff make this compulsory training informative and beneficial.